Karen Belz
Updated Nov 15, 2017 @ 2:36 pm

It’s hard to believe that Pink has been around since 2000, but it’s true — back then, she had released her very first studio release, Can’t Take Me Home. To celebrate her seventh album, the just-released Beautiful Trauma, Pink did a “Carpool Karaoke” segment with James Corden to belt out a few of her most notable songs.

The segment started out with Corden facing a severe traffic jam. Pink decides to climb in the car with him and drive along. After the traffic starts to dissipate a bit, the two start out with singing the recently released tune “What About Us?”

All eyes have been on Pink these days, as she’s just coming back from a long break from the spotlight. “What About Us” was the first song that fans got to hear after roughly five years of silence. Of course, Pink was busy in the meantime — aside from her music career, she’s also the mom of two fantastic kids, Willow and Jameson.

One of the things that set this “Carpool Karaoke” aside from most is the fact that Corden focused a bit on choreography, getting some notes from Pink, as she had great technique in the “What About Us” music video. Thankfully, he did it the safe way by pulling the car over before busting out his moves.

Corden also got real with Pink, and confronted a big moment in her life — when she realized she wouldn’t get to marry Jon Bon Jovi. She was only seven or eight at the time.

Credit: CBS / www.youtube.com

Luckily, she got over him and married motorcycle racer Carey Hart in 2006. But she did get the opportunity to meet Bon Jovi, and he even sent her a flower arrangement at one point.

Along with the serious chats, the two sang along to”Get The Party Started,” “Beautiful Trauma,” and “Raise Your Glass.”

Credit: CBS / www.youtube.com

Next time these two hang out together, we want an invite.