Credit: Brent N. Clarke / Getty Images

We hate it when things like this happen. Singer Phil Collins was hospitalized after falling in his hotel room during a tour. While the “Against All Odds” singer had to get stitches, he also chose to cancel a few of his tour dates in London. People reports that he’ll resume his shows this Sunday, and make up for the dates he’ll be missing this November.

According to a post on his official Facebook page, Collins had a bout of “drop foot,” which is when your forefoot drops due to weakness.

The condition, which he gained after having a back operation, caused him to fall while attempting to head to the bathroom.

Posted this morning, the update states that Collins will be observed for 24 hours before being released.

Prior to the fall, Collins has been open about his health and surgeries with his fans.

The back surgery, which took place in 2015, ended up accidentally causing a few more problems for Collins as time went on.

He’s such a champ for choosing to tour, regardless of the difficulties. We really hope that Collins feels better soon!