Karen Belz
Updated Oct 09, 2017 @ 10:52 am

You might not have seen Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson much this season, but he’s back in action. The comedian, who recently opened up about having borderline personality disorder, decided to spend some time on Weekend Update to discuss the disorder and his progress. While we should all take BPD and other mental disorders seriously, we love the fact that Davidson can get a little humorous about it.

Davidson’s mission was to discuss the overall topic of mental health. At the start of the segment, the comedian noted that borderline personality disorder is a form of depression. According to Psychology Today, the disorder affects around 2% of adults.

Those who suffer often feel unworthy, and have intense mood swings and issues within their personal relationships. Davidson talking about this so openly is pretty important.

Davidson said that if people think they’re depressed, they should see a doctor for treatment and focus more on a healthy diet and exercise. Then, he turned it around and said that perhaps his depression stems from not getting his sketches on air.

When Jost said that perhaps his co-star could write more to try and get more airtime and improve his mood, Davidson fought back with one of the best lines of his segment.

While Davidson’s segment was incredibly memorable, we’re just so glad that his Saturday Night Live family is rallying behind him. We think Davidson is quite talented, and hope he continues to put his health first.