People think Taylor Swift looks like Ryan Seacrest's mom, and now we can't unsee it

Finding celebrity doppelgängers never ceases to amuse us, and today’s side-by-side is especially noteworthy. Taylor Swift looks just like Ryan Seacrest’s mom. No joke.

Their likeness was uncovered during a clip from Live with Kelly and Ryan, where a fan letter suggested comparing photos of Connie Seacrest and Taylor Swift. Conveniently, Connie was sitting in the audience during the live taping that day, so we got a solid glimpse of her. And we can officially verify; there’s definitely a resemblance.

Both ladies are blonde and know how to rock a bob with bangs. And there’s just something about their smiles that screams, “We’re secretly mother and daughter…shhhh.”

Naturally, the internet went crazy after the clip aired, because, well, Taylor Swift+Ryan Seacrest’s mom+doppelgängers is basically a match made in viral heaven.

Take a look for yourselves:

And yes, Connie was flattered.

Viewers are widely in agreement — the likeness is legit.

The main take-away from all of this is that Ryan Seacrest’s mom is lovely — inside and out. She co-runs the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which is dedicated to inspiring youth through “entertainment and education focused initiatives.” Their first initiative involves bringing creative media centers to pediatric wings of hospitals to help kids channel their creativity during treatment.

So maybe it’s high time we get these two ladies in a room together for a photo op. Maybe they can even wear matching holiday sweaters.

What a nice way to start a Thursday (AKA almost Friday). We hope this brought you as much morning joy as it brought us.

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