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Happy April 6th! In case you weren’t previously aware, today is a NATIONAL HOLIDAY. Because today is Paul Stephen Rudd’s birthday. The man is 48 years old today. We have been blessed with his glorious presence on this earth for 48 beautiful years, just two shy of half a century. Do you realize how lucky we are? What a time to be alive.

As the resident HelloGiggles Paul Rudd Enthusiast, I wanted to see to it that everyone else here at HelloGiggles is celebrating, too. So, I went around and forced asked our editorial staff to tell me their favorite Paul Rudd moment, spanning the last 48 years. Or, just like the 30 or so that he’s been in Hollywood.

It quickly became apparent that some are way more into Paul Rudd than others, but that’s okay. Not everyone needs to have a small Paul Rudd shrine on their desk. This is an actual picture of my desk, you’re welcome:

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Madison, Senior Editor: When he sat by the pool reading a book because he is an intellect in Clueless.

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Dan, Senior Video Editor: WHEN HE SAT IN THE WORLD’S WORST CHAIR to do press in, but still made the most of it.

Toria, News Editor: Throwing the food on the floor in Wet Hot American Summer.

Credit: USA Films

Gina: “When he smiles.”

Credit: HelloGiggles

Rachel, Entertainment Editor: Sometimes when I get sad, I read this old story of mine where I rounded up him just being hella sassy to Captain America fans on Twitter. It’s seriously the best thing ever.

Anna, Associate Editor: His eyebrows at this exact moment in Clueless.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

Christina, Video Producer: In Wet Hot American Summer when he throws the plate and then has to pick it up. Omg I’m laughing just thinking about it.

Credit: USA Films

Emily, Deputy Editor: Romeo + Juliet I love that movie, and I love that he has such a cameo role in it.

Credit: 20th Century Fox

Rachel, Entertainment Editor: Okay listen I’m allowed to have a few favorite moments. So, Mike Hannigan, Friends, *swoon*.

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Gina, Senior Health and Wellness Editor: Slapping da base in I Love You, Man.

Alyssa, Associate Beauty Editor: This moment in Clueless.

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Rachel S, Features Editor: How every time he’s on Conan, he brings this ridiculous clip from Mac & Me.

Jess, Editorial Intern: [Rachel asks Jess if she has a favorite Paul Rudd moment] Ummmm….no?

Credit: Fox

Anna, Social Media Producer: Probably this.

Eva, Social Media Manager:

Credit: HelloGiggles

Marie, Beauty Editor: Let’s see I mean CLUELESS, but I also like when he made that cholo joke in Knocked Up.

Amy, Social Media Producer: off the top of my head i rly love in Forgetting Sarah Marshall when he says “looks like you’ve got sadness beyond those eyes” or w/e.

Rachel, Entertainment Editor: LAST ONE I PROMISE. The first ever lip sync battle, where he rocks out to Queen’s “Don’t Stop me Now.”