Paul McCartney Performs At Key Arena
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When you look at a group as illustrious as The Beatles, it’s almost impossible to imagine that they’d deal with problems of any sort. Nonetheless, the four musicians are human beings and it’s perfectly normal for us all to confront life’s obstacles. Paul McCartney’s honesty about depression proves that even The Beatles aren’t exempt from this.

After The Beatles disbanded, McCartney understandably felt lost. He told BBC Radio, “I was depressed. It was difficult to know what to do after The Beatles. How do you follow that?” This rough time in the singer’s life was exasperated by the fact that he wasn’t on good terms with his ex-bandmembers.

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Back in 1970, The Beatles split up because they were arguing over U.S. businessman Allen Klein’s role in the band’s affairs. According to People, McCartney revealed that fighting with John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison was “the worst.” He explained that it was like breaking up with your army buddies, people you may never see again even though you’ve been through so much together.

To cope with the effects of his depression, McCartney looked to alcohol. “It was great at first but then after a while I was a bit far gone,stated Sir Paul. “Suddenly I wasn’t having a good time. It wasn’t working.” That’s when his late wife Linda stepped in and motivated him to return to songwriting.

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When he once again embraced his creative side, McCartney’s life improved in many ways. He was even able to mend his relationship with John Lennon.

One of the things that I was really grateful for was that we got it back together before he died, because it would have been very difficult to deal with,” McCartney said. “I mean, it was difficult anyway, but it would have been especially difficult. So it was good. We had a really good relationship and we just talked kids and baking bread. Just ordinary stuff.

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Though Paul McCartney’s story is both significant and relatable, he isn’t the only celeb who’s been open about mental health issues. There’s actress Kristen Bell, actor Zac Efron, singer Ellie Goulding, and so many others who’ve talked honestly about the struggles they’ve faced. Together, they all demonstrate that mental health matters.

If you are currently coping with depression, there are plenty of resources out there for you. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America has an entire page dedicated to sources of support. There are also several hotlines you can call if you need immediate help.