P. Claire Dodson
Updated Jul 16, 2017 @ 9:52 am
Picture of Patton Oswalt Meredith Salenger
Credit: Gregg DeGuire / Getty

There comes a time in every couple’s life when they will experience a major disagreement. Then, they will express that disagreement on social media for the whole world to see. For comedian Patton Oswalt and his fiancé actress Meredith Salenger, that time is now.

The couple recently got engaged, so they’re still feeling that honeymoon-esque bliss. But they just had a very public first “fight” on Twitter. Oswalt kicked off their spat with a pretty gross tweet. It came in response to another comic’s tweet about how funny people online tend to be “repulsive” in person.

We can’t say Oswalt didn’t prove the guy’s point.

Salenger then replied with a great, classic shutdown: “Delete your account.”

And then it just spiraled from there. GIFs were used, battles were fought.

Soon, other people started getting involved.


Someone raised this very important question.

The couple has experienced some backlash after announcing their engagement recently. Oswalt’s wife Michelle McNamara passed away 15 months ago, and people have been critical of the short time between her death and Oswalt’s new relationship. But both Oswalt and Salenger took to social media to defend their choice.

Salenger wrote a moving post expressing her love for Oswalt, his daughter Alice, and McNamara’s family.

If they’re happy, we’re happy. And we hope there will be many more playful Twitter exchanges to look forward to in the future.