Natalia Lusinski
October 14, 2017 5:09 pm
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Chrysalis Butterfly Ball

As you probably know, in light of the Harvey Weinstein news coming out, many celebrities — especially women — have been speaking up about harassment in Hollywood. They’ve been tweeting, Instagramming, you name it. Now, Patricia Arquette shared a personal story demonstrating the difficult position women are in when it comes to workplace harassment, reported People.

In a thread that spanned several tweets, Arquette wrote about an experience with Oliver Stone. She’d had a meeting with Stone about starring in a “very sexual” movie of his, and wrote about what happened after that meeting. But we’ll let her speak for herself.

These next three tweets illustrate exactly the issues women face in these situations.

As Patricia Arquette writes, harassment is a universal problem.

Of course, people on Twitter are loving what Arquette said.

In fact, they’re loving that many women in Hollywood are speaking up and speaking out.

It’s worth noting that Patricia’s story isn’t the only one coming out naming Oliver Stone as acting inappropriately. Carrie Stevens, a former Playboy model, accused the director of groping her. For too long, there has been a culture of brushing allegations like these under the rug and not believing the women (and men) who speak out. We’re so glad that celebrities like Patricia Arquette, Rose McGowan, and Terry Crews are speaking out for themselves and for victims and survivors everywhere.

Patricia’s story is unique to her, but not different than the ones many women have to share. As we all begin to speak up, we create a culture where more women’s voices are listened to and believed. Although we wish all this harassment would disappear — and no one would cross those boundaries in the first place — we’re glad more and more people, celebrities and not, keep sharing their stories. There’s safety in numbers.