Karen Fratti
October 05, 2017 8:51 am

Most of us have wondered what might have been in life at one point or another. And in an interview with People.com at the Ones to Watch party this week, Paris Jackson revealed the job she would have had if she hadn’t grown up in the spotlight. Jackson actually gave it all a lot of thought growing up. The 19-year-old said that she never really planned on being “famous.”

Although that would have been a noble persuit, Jackson eventually realized that having a platform as a celeb was a huge privilege, and she could use it to reach millions of people.

Although that platform is a blessing, it also means that she doesn’t get all the privacy she’d like. However, she told People.com that her fans are generally super mindful of her space, which means she’s able to share of herself without feeling too overwhelmed. Jackson shared her advice for anyone out there with their own dreams to achieve, saying:

Jackson has a movie, Gringo, with Amanda Seyfried coming out soon and is the new face of Calvin Klein, so she’s been keeping busy. Maybe eventually there will still be time for her to have a “regular” job, but until then, we’ll gladly accept her words of wisdom.