Gina Florio
April 03, 2017 12:52 pm

She may have come from a pair of internationally famous parents, but Paris Jackson has surely made a name for herself in the way she speaks her mind and stands up for women everywhere. This past weekend, Paris responded to a troll’s comment about her weight in the most #ladyboss way. Today is Paris’s birthday (19 years wise!), and she’s been posting some red-hot photos of herself over the past few days to celebrate her big day. Sadly, there was one person in particular who thought it was their business to comment on Paris’s weight, and, ugh, when will this end?

Paris has been out and about with her friends, looking fly as usual. For example, here’s a pic she recently posted of herself and Hailey Baldwin, just casually looking gorgeous.

Most people are responding to these kinds of birthday pics with positive affirmation that Paris has made yet another excellent fashion choice and looks happy, beautiful, etc. However, there was a picture Paris posted two days ago in which someone decided to speak up about her gaining weight. She responded with all the power we know she possesses in spades.

“yes you have out on a little weight,” the person tweeted. Let’s just assume they meant “put on a little weight.” It’s none of this person’s business what Paris weighs or whether she has put on or lost weight. It’s not anybody’s business, in fact. And Paris’s succinct four-word answer — “fuck yeah i have” — was a clear reminder that she’s not here for the hatred.

We’ve seen way too much of this crap lately. Lena Dunham had to speak up against some trolls recently as well, who had some rude things to say about her apparent weight loss. Lady Gaga also had to shut down the haters when she performed at the Super Bowl this year and some individuals remarked on the size of her tummy. It’s incredible to think there are still people out there who think they have a right to comment on something so personal.

We’re happy to see Paris respond with such confidence. Because she looks incredible and is a force to be reckoned with — every single day, exactly the way she is.