Karen Belz
Updated Jan 24, 2017 @ 10:27 am
Credit: Vanni Bassetti / Getty Images

She’s not a musician per se, but she’s definitely someone special. Paris Jackson is featured on Rolling Stone‘s February cover, and she’s definitely an excellent choice. The 18-year-old daughter of late star Michael Jackson is truly making a name for herself in the industry, and in her cover story, she delved into a few topics for the very first time.

As Jackson’s only daughter, Paris always seemed to make her father proud. And throughout the years, she’s made sure to keep her memories of him close to her heart.

In fact, she probably thinks of him daily. Paris revealed that she has over 50 tattoos, and nine of them are dedicated to her dad.

For those of you who might remember her solely due to her childhood, you’ll be amazed at how much she’s grown.

Since Paris herself is a model, it should come as no surprise that her cover is absolutely lovely.

As a whole, her interview with the magazine was definitely quite candid. In fact, one of the refreshing things about Paris Jackson is the fact that as a teenager, she’s not afraid to be real — and this story definitely proved that.

In the interview, she talked about her past drug use, sexual assault, and inability to fit in with the rest of her peers. Paris, without a doubt, had to grow up pretty quickly — but these days, it looks like she’s totally on top of things.

And of course, she talked about her father a bit more in detail.

While she admitted that her childhood was probably a bit stranger than most, she did credit her father for teaching her how to cook — and for giving them the option of going to public school if they wanted.

We’re so glad to learn more about this young star, and we really can’t wait to see her career blossom even further!