Criticism and harsh words hurt all of us. But if you’re in the spotlight, those mean words often come from all angles. Luckily, Paris Jackson knows how to handle criticism. And since she pretty much grew up surrounded by cameras and tabloids — even though her father tried hard to prevent it — her advice is definitely backed up.

Famous father Michael Jackson wanted to shield his three children from the media, but just recently, Paris — currently 19 — decided that a career in front of the camera was what she wanted. A model, activist, and actress, the young Jackson has been making waves these days.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Jackson gave some pretty key advice on how to handle the people who try to bring you down.

Very true. But luckily, she noted how she’s above the hate.

That’s a pretty incredible statement for someone who just turned 19 last month. But, she’s just proving further that wisdom can come at any age.

And we have no doubt that this is the kind of advice that has helped Jackson go far in life.

Of course, even though she’s just 19, she still has some key advice for her younger self that we absolutely adore.

We couldn’t agree more.