Karen Belz
August 03, 2017 10:52 am

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes — but while we know this, sometimes it’s tough to believe. That said, things are definitely changing for the better. Model and actress Paris Jackson doesn’t fit into a sample size and is still incredibly proud of her body. In fact, Jackson believes that she can help bring a new attitude to the fashion world today.

In her eyes, since the definition of perfection is different for everyone, it’s an opinion.

It’s kind of refreshing to know that Jackson doesn’t necessarily follow a diet, nor does she try to mask her scars and stretch marks. Especially since those are the types of markings that make us unique.

Jackson has turned a lot of heads recently, and aside from the fact that she’s the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, it’s probably because she’s been bold and unapologetic.

Of course, Jackson isn’t perfect. But she’s definitely self-aware.

How will she change the beauty stigma? Well, she’s letting people know the true marks of a beautiful person.

Jackson is such a positive influence, and we definitely think that her involvement in the fashion world might very well change things for the better.