Angelica Florio
September 02, 2017 12:02 pm

This is a true lesson in “never say never,” because 10 years ago, most people would have said that they could never imagine Paris Hilton at Burning Man, let alone Paris Hilton enjoying Burning Man. Yet here we are, and we must accept the fact that Paris Hilton is indeed at Burning Man, and from the looks of her Instagram, she “loves it.”

Earlier this summer, Hilton revealed a brunette hairstyle, so we probably shouldn’t be surprised by anything the reality-star heiress does anymore. Still, seeing her at Burning Man, one of the craziest — and most remote — artistic festivals of the year, feels disorienting.

There she is though, living the Simple Life, Burning Man edition

It’s sad that she didn’t take this opportunity to caption her photo, “That’s hot,” but we’ll forgive her because we basically forgive Hilton for everything she does.

While brunette hair on possibly the most iconic blonde (second to Marilyn Monroe, of course) was pretty shocking, it looks like Hilton is currently wearing braids at the desert festival.

Hilton was ready for the ~scene~ since she was at Burning Man last year, too. It’s still weird to see Hilton’s pictures from Black Rock City, and not just because it’s paradoxical to be using social media while at Burning Man.

We have a lot of questions, actually. Namely: Can a millionaire heiress be at a festival that’s anti-capitalism?

It’s all just…confusing.

Paris, is that you? The girl who had a TV show devoted to making people who do manual labor feel inferior to you? Paris, is that you? The girl who has a mansion for her dogs?


Hilton isn’t the first unlikely celeb to hit up Burning Man. Last year, supermodel Karlie Kloss drove around the festival in a giant vacuum cleaner, Katy Perry rocked rainbow accessories, and Heidi Klum enjoyed the art installations. While Burning Man was created as a counter-culture artistic hub, it seems it’s been infiltrated by Hollywood’s elite, who — artistic as they may be — don’t necessarily represent Burning Man’s original crowd.

Change is constant — there may even be a sculptural representation of that exact concept at Burning Man — so we may as well accept that yes, Paris Hilton is living her best life at Burning Man. Maybe the actual question we should be asking is Burning Man, who are you?