The year’s Oscars were some of the most memorable ever. And not just because they announced the wrong Best Picture winner. Jimmy Kimmel also had a bunch of fun audience bits, one of which led to a hilarious meme involving whispering Ryan Gosling which won the fake, but prestigious, Meme of the Night award.

Jimmy Kimmel hosted The Oscars ceremony and decided to bring a bunch of tourists into the Dolby Theater under the pretense of viewing old Hollywood Oscar dresses and gowns. Well, they showed up and the dresses were there and there were people wearing them and it was The Oscars!

It would be an understatement to say that these people were in shock. They walked across the front row shaking hands with and even hugging (!!!) Meryl Streep. They waved to Denzel. One woman in particular not only got a pair of Jennifer Aniston’s sunglasses but also got up close and personal with Ryan Gosling. He whispered in her ear aka she was living The Dream and became the envy of everyone.

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel / ABC

The resulting moment became the Meme of the Night and Twitter collectively became hilarious with speculation of what Ryan Gosling could’ve whispered to her to shock her so much. Here’s a collection of some of the best tweets of the night that took a single moment and made it into comedy GOLD:


So The Oscars didn’t run smoothly, but that provided the opportunity for plenty of humor on Twitter. And hey, we got some fun Ryan Gosling jokes out of the whole thing. So can we really complain?