Karen Belz
January 04, 2017 6:34 am

When an interview involves Oprah, you know it’s going to be good. In this case, Stephen Colbert interviewed Oprah on The Late Show, and the two chatted about almost everything. Not only did she chat about her successful weight loss (she loves bread, you know) but she demonstrated how she could even make bad news sound incredible. How does she do it? Well…she’s Oprah.

Oprah is going to turn 63 this year, and based solely on her spunk, we really don’t think she ever intends on leaving the spotlight.

But what we love most about her? She’s not afraid to joke about her own quirks. We’ve all seen her legendary episode of 30 Rock, and now we have this.

At around the 7:45 mark, Oprah shows that she can make any sentence exciting.

(Of course, the whole segment is worth watching. Again…she’s Oprah.)

Stephen Colbert also does a pretty good job using the “Oprah voice” — and perhaps with just a little more practice, he’ll learn to nail it. Based on all the bad news we’re still recovering from, at least using Oprah’s tactic might make us feel slightly better about things, right?

On another note? We’re digging those glasses. Our new life goal is to go accessory shopping with Oprah, since her look is totally stunning.

Oprah is an inspiration, and we’re so glad that she was one of Stephen Colbert’s first guests of 2017!