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We all have a snafu on Twitter at least once in our lives. For Oprah Winfrey, her tweet about the election faced a little bit of criticism from her fans. Why? Well, because it was heavily misinterpreted. Luckily, Oprah seemed to understand why she received backlash, and calmly explained her side of the story. Because she’s Oprah, and she always does the right thing. Seriously.

Oprah first addressed the tweet right after a screening of Ava DuVernay’s documentary13th. After the film was shown, DuVernay broadcast a live Facebook Live Q&A alongside Oprah. While she’s not in the film herself, Oprah was there to support her pal, and promote the documentary, which is all about racial inequality in the prison system.

Here was the tweet in question:

And, here are a few of the responses she (reasonably) received:

Oprah made sure to address the tweet in a positive way, bringing it up first. In fact, her exact words while speaking at the Q&A were, “Y’all heard about my tweet problems?”

First, she explained that she honestly could not breathe after the election. Which is a scary feeling we can all understand.

So, really, Oprah was speaking about herself — and not trying to speak for all of America. We can definitely understand the misconception, as tension was high and feelings were hurt for a majority of last week. While we’re still on edge and worried about the future, we can understand where she’s coming from.

She even said later that her hashtag was a bit off. Maybe #HopeLives wasn’t the best — in fact, #CivilityLives might have been a bit more accurate.

We’re sure Oprah has learned a bit of a lesson — when you have such a wide audience, you might want to think before you tweet.