Trilby Beresford
Updated Dec 13, 2016 @ 8:46 am
Credit: Instagram/Louis Tomlinson

It’s been just a few days since we heard that One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson lost his mom to leukemia, and our hearts haven’t been the same. Of course it’s incredibly devastating to lose a parent in any circumstance, but the weight is surely heavier for Tomlinson as his son Freddie was born this year and he’s already missing a special grandparent.

After Tomlinson’s emotional performance on X Factor (where he nearly cried and we DID cry), he posted a photo from the X Factor stage along with a message for his fans.

Although very brief, it really encompasses everything.

Throughout Tomlinson’s journey with One Direction, he’s been such an utterly charming entertainer that it’s no surprise fans are reaching out to him with love and support during this difficult time. false

We know that he’ll ultimately be okay, and there’s a lot to keep him busy; from his solo career that’s about to skyrocket, to his new record label with Sony, to his life as a crushworthy celebrity dad — we know that Tomlinson will get through this.

He also recently Tweeted these super heartfelt messages.

He’s right about his mom being super proud!

Sending SO much freaking love to this guy and his family.

We know that lots of amazing things lie ahead for Louis, but we also hope he takes all the time he needs when dealing with this tremendous personal loss. You do you, Louis. And we’ll be here for you regardless.

Ready when you are, always.