Kit Steinkellner
August 07, 2016 10:53 am
Lennart Preiss/Getty Images

Today in very, very, very cute, this year’s Summer Olympics marks the anniversary of Crown Princess Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. The royal couple first met at a bar during the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and they celebrated their 16-year anniversary with a trip to Rio for the Games, where it all began.

As People points out, Mary and Frederik’s story played out very much like the plot of the Julia Stiles movie The Prince and Me: Your average girl falls in love with a seemingly average dude, and only later learns that her new paramour is actually a prince.

Paramount Pictures/Tumblr

Mary was an Australian ad exec when she met Frederik, and she learned Danish and gave up her Australian citizenship to marry her prince and become his (and Denmark’s) princess. Coinky-dink-ily enough, the two married in 2004, which was both their Olympics anniversary and the year The Prince and Me came out.

The Olympics are a big deal for these two. They’ve attended almost every Olympics ceremony since they met (the one exception being 2002 in Salt Lake City). Frederik’s Olympics fever goes back even further than meeting his now-wife. He actually trained as a diver as a kid, and almost tried out for Denmark’s sailing team in 1996.

Note that the dude has by no means given up sports. He’s a Dragon Class Yachtsman who has participated in cross-country skiing, 186-mile cycling runs, and 18-mile trail races. Though he’s never competed in the Olympics as an athlete, he’s still very much a part of the games, having served on International Olympic Committee since 2009.


Yay Prince Frederick and Princess Mary, keeping royal romance alive at the Summer Olympics! See you lovebirds in 2020!