Jill Layton
Updated Mar 21, 2017 @ 2:29 pm

Let’s get one thing straight: Olivia Wilde is NOT pregnant again. We repeat, she is not pregnant again (as far as we know). But she definitely tricked us with her latest Instagram photo. In the photo, she’s wearing a prosthetic pregnant belly. And since movie prosthetics tend to look real, well, we were confused for a hot second.

Even though she literally just wrapped her last film A Vigilante, Wilde has already begun filming her newest project Life Itself, which is written and directed by This is Us creator Dan Fogleman. The movie also stars Annette Bening, Antonio Banderas, Samuel L. Jackson, and Oscar Isaac. (So obviously it’s going to be incredible.)

Wilde’s character in the movie is pregnant, so she must rock a fake pregnant belly (which also happens to be ginormous). She posted a photo of herself in full character.

“Breakfast burrito hit the spot. #newgig #oldfeeling #ididntknowiwaspregnantwithabreakfastburrito #LifeItselfmovie,” she wrote.

Considering she has a five-month-old daughter in real life (and a two-year-old son), it would be pretty surprising if she WAS actually pregnant.

Anything’s possible, of course, but she’s not pregnant, you guys. So false alarm.

We’re super impressed by Wilde’s ability to switch characters so quickly as an actress. A Vigilante wrapped just days ago, and she played a woman who takes revenge on people who abuse their domestic partners. We don’t have much information about her character in Life Itself, but we do know that she plays an expectant mother in the romantic drama. Obviously. Two totally different characters and all in such a short time period.

As we get more information about the movie, you’ll be the first to know.