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What’s not to love about Olivia Wilde? The mother of two gorgeous kids just shared a photo of her and her newborn, Daisy Josephine, and she’s proudly doing something that some people might deem as being “inappropriate.” In the picture, she’s breastfeeding her child. And what can we say? We’re so glad she’s showcasing such a beautiful, real act.

Women who just gave birth definitely have a choice as to whether or not they want to breastfeed. While no decision should be shamed (I mean, the important thing is that the baby is being fed!) there’s been some outrage about public breastfeeding in recent years. Wilde is helping to prove that it’s not a sexual act — instead, it’s absolutely natural.

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Wilde has such a wonderful glow, and it’s incredible that she’s forming such a strong bond with her little daughter! Keep in mind that this is pretty much the reason why women have boobs in the first place — as a way to help nourish their young.

Wilde’s picture is also pretty empowering — I mean, did you see that hashtag?


She’s just reminding us how powerful our bodies truly are. Not only did her body support and care for her child before birth, but her body is still providing everything that Daisy needs to thrive. So amazing.

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It’s not like we needed another reason to deem Olivia Wilde as our girl hero, but, well, there it is. She’s one smart mama.