Karen Belz
December 06, 2016 5:59 am
Teresa Kroeger / Getty Images

When you’re a Mom, you do anything it takes to nurture your child. Also, you’re probably a bit forgetful at times — even if you’re a celebrity. Actress Olivia Wilde got creative with storing her breast milk, after realizing she ran out of bags last minute. Did that stop her? Of course not! Instead, she used a mason jar, perhaps making her the most adorably hipster mom we’ve seen this week.

In the photo she posted on Instagram, she’s slyly smiling as she’s — er — making it all work. As she noted in the caption, it’s a total rookie move, but one that many mothers happen to make.

From the looks of it, Wilde is in the midst of traveling, since she’s at an Airbnb. The owner was probably more than willing to help a nursing Wilde out with a spare jar in her time of need.

In the comments, other mothers shared their funny nursing stories. One had to pump in a plastic bag held together by a hair tie. For another, glass juice bottles were the storage method of choice. (Or, of convenience at the time.) So, it’s pretty refreshing that Wilde chose to illustrate a moment where she’s, once again, being real, and showing the unspoken hardships of motherhood.

Wilde is the mother of two, alongside Jason Sudeikis. Little Daisy, who’ll be using that mason jar milk, was born on October 11th of this year.