Anna Gragert
July 20, 2016 2:21 pm
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On her own, Olivia Wilde is pretty awesome. I mean, she’s raising her son to be a feminist, supports her fellow women and their decisions, and she also has the cutest little boy with her husband Jason Sudeikis.

Meet 2-year-old Otis:

Matching baby bumps ✌️,” wrote Olivia, captioning the above, which just so happened to serve as her picture-perfect pregnancy announcement to the world.

Plus, to add to their already adorable family, Olivia and Jason are now expecting their second child. When it came time to show off her blossoming baby bump, Olivia (of course) created the perfect Instagram snapshot. At this point, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

We have a strong feeling that Olivia’s kids are going to grow up to be Instagram stars. Here’s the proof:

And just yesterday, Olivia continued her Instagram reign by adding this endearing snapshot to her feed:

While Olivia and her baby-on-the-way relax on a watermelon pool float in the background, Jason is lounging on his own, flamingo-shaped float. At the same time, he’s reaching out to his son Otis, who seems to be handing over a pair of diving goggles (because maybe he was done exploring the depths of their pool?).

Olivia’s comical caption for the above family photo: “Top notch swim-coaches.

Just think – Olivia and Jason will soon be able to invite another one of their children to join in on their summer fun.