Credit: Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

Olivia Munn is as funny as she is sexy. And she proves it in this latest Instagram:

Humor mixed with chocolate? Reminds us of another beloved comedienne, Lucille Ball!


What is it about chocolate that makes us act as crazy as cats around catnip? According to Dr. Julia Hormes, assistant professor of clinical psychology at the University of Albany, “Half of the women [in the U.S.] who crave chocolate say they do so right around menstruation.” And yet, there is no proof of a biological component. A great deal of it has to do with marketing.

There’s a strong influence of culture,” Hormes explained to The Huffington Post. Think of the last commercial for chocolate you watched. Chocolate is usually marketed as a way for us ladies to deal with negative emotions (specifically those that circle their wagons around us during PMS).


As Hormes sees it, “chocolate is is an indulgence because it is an exception to the rule — women who diet and subscribe to a certain ideal of beauty should only consume chocolate when they ‘need’ it.

Well, regardless, we can appreciate it every now and then. Olivia Munn certainly does!