We are borderline obsessed with Dita Von Teese, especially when it comes to style. We’re not just talking about her beauty routines and wardrobe, this time we’re obsessing over her home decor. So how does one keep a cute kitschy house and still binge Pretty Little Lies? By having a hidden TV set, of course! Dita Von Teese explains her need for wall space in an Instagram video clip. As an avid art collector, she has paintings on almost every wall of her house. She went without a TV for a few years, but who could resist the allure of movie nights?

Dita has her TV hidden behind an original Peter Driben pinup painting.

The painting features two pinup girls in really cute suits, perfect curls, and high heels.

We suddenly feel the urge to collect some art…and see what’s new on Netflix!

This isn’t the first time Dita Von Teese has shown us her perfect home. From cute vintage kitchen appliances to gorgeous fabric wallpaper, we have major house envy!

We can totally see how a huge, brand new flat screen TV would look out of place!

She is totally out there living her best life.

We are obsessed with her D glassware.

After a cross-country burlesque tour and a trip to Paris, we are sure Dita Von Teese is happy to be at home relaxing with her hidden TV.