Karen Fratti
Updated Apr 04, 2017 @ 10:51 am

Losing a pet is awful. If you’ve never had a pet or have been lucky enough to not have to put one down, consider yourself lucky. It is legit one of the worst things that can happen to you, since pets are basically the best friend you will ever have even though they don’t *really* talk to you. Which is why reading the message Nina Dobrev posted about her cat that passed away made our hearts break for her. Dobrev paid tribute to the cat, 18-year-old Lynx, on Instagram.

OMG, please pass the tissues. The Vampire Diaries star went on, “You were so fragile and furry, as soft as the worlds tiniest cashmere blanket. I knew in that moment you were my soulmate. From there our long journey began and we were inseparable.” Dobrev then started to list all the places they had traveled to over the years.

They even saw the Grand Canyon together.

There weren’t many details about what happened to Lynx, but apparently they had to put the cat down on Saturday. Dobrev wrote:

Judging from her Instagram postings, it must have been sort of sudden. Last week, for National Puppy Day, Dobrev posted a picture of cat, saying that she didn’t believe in all that “dogs are a human’s best friend,” since her bestie was, obviously, a cat.

The love was obviously very, very real for Dobrev and Lynx, and we hope she’s surrounded by good friends who understand how close they were. Ugh, we’re going to go cuddle with our pets now and try not to think about it.