Nicole Richie and Kate Hudson
Credit: Dove Shore/PMA2014/Getty Images for dcp

Our favorite candid celebrity and designer, Nicole Richie, celebrated her birthday with friends and family this past Friday, and we’re totally bummed we weren’t invited! Not only did the 35-year-old mom and wife celebrate her birthday while dancing the night away to awesome disco classics, she devoted a nice chunk of the night attempting to teach her husband, Joel Madden, all about Snapchat.

Along with Richie, Snapchat queen and friend of the fam, Kate Hudson, documented their teaching trials for all of Snapchat to see. As reported by People, Madden is a little removed from all things social media, and so the selfless act became a bit strenuous for his teachers.

On Hudson’s Snapchat story, you can see Madden adorably trying to navigate the social media site. With the video caption, “He’s getting into it,” Madden asks, “How do you find your profile?”

Credit: Kate Hudson / Snapchat

So cute!

And as he finds and adds his buddy, Chris Jericho, to his friends, Hudson follows up with another celebratory caption.

Credit: Kate Hudson / Snapchat

But, just as we were all getting stoked about Madden’s progress, Richie and Hudson had to put a stop to the lesson. In a video where Richie and Hudson looked visibly annoyed, Hudson hilariously captioned the clip, “I need to go home. This is gonna take weeks.”

Credit: Kate Hudson / Snapchat

Welp…maybe next time, Joel!