Kenya Foy
February 03, 2017 8:04 am

Well, this is absolutely terrifying. According to multiple reports, Nicki Minaj’s mansion was robbed. Per TMZ, the time of the heist remains unclear, but it is estimated to have occurred at the rapper’s Los Angeles home sometime between November 24th, 2016 and January of this year. During that nearly three-month period, Minaj was traveling (she celebrated her 34th birthday in December in Turks and Caicos) and obviously unaware that either individual or multiple burglars were busy ransacking her home, making off with $175,000 worth of jewelry and other miscellaneous items.

Apparently, the culprit(s) scoured the Pinkprint rapper’s 11,500 sq. foot home, completely trashing it in the process. Reportedly, there was knocked-over furniture and other misplaced items. In addition to damaging picture frames, perfume bottles and furniture, the thieves even took the time to cut up her clothing, leading police to believe that they might know Minaj.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A source also told the site that cops could only use street cameras in their investigation. As a result, Minaj has reportedly stepped up her home security, which obviously makes a ton of sense. Unfortunately, investigators have yet to identify a suspect or suspects.

In regards to this awful news, Minaj is said to be understandably upset about it, but hasn’t made mention of it on social media. She has, however, started hanging out with Drake again, shared a sweet note to Blue Ivy about becoming a big sister to twins, and recently confirmed that she is single again and working on new music.

That suggests to us that Minaj is handling this robbery situation in her typical boss fashion.

Keep your head up, Nicki!