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Recently, Nicki Minaj has been on a huge philanthropic kick. Her latest good deed comes in the form of a secret charity project she just shared on Instagram. The Queen of Rap is truly living up to her royal moniker, because she is changing the world!

Minaj posted about a project she has been donating to in India. Her contributions helped supply the villagers in an unnamed location with wells and items they can use on a daily basis. This is an amazing achievement for someone as busy as Nicki. In addition to philanthropy, she has been working hard on new music. Despite her busy schedule, she has found time to help others.

Nicki’s secret charity project:

According to Nicki’s post her contributions have really changed things for the hamlet in India.

Moreover, Nicki posted a photo of Indian women inside of the building she helped build.

Due to how outspoken Nicki Minaj has been about women’s right in the past, it makes sense that she puts her money where her mouth is. As much as we love her music, we love this selfless side to Nicki a lot.

She just keeps making headlines.

This latest news comes on the tail-end of Nicki giving away thousands of dollars to her fans online. Fans of the singer asked for her help in paying off college tuition, and without batting an eye, Nicki Minaj started to give out money.

Since the singer is constantly encouraging her followers to stay in school and to get an education, this move makes perfect sense.

Hey Nicki, have you thought about running for office? The world needs it right now.