nicki minaj
Credit: Peter White/Getty Images

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, then perhaps the outfit Nicki Minaj wore to the Haider Ackermann show at Paris Fashion Week was a peace offering to Lil’ Kim. After all, if Nicki Minaj is now publicly feuding with rapper Remy Ma, it’s probably a good idea for her to rebuild bridges with other female rappers in the game.

The truth is, Minaj’s one-glorious-pasty-covered-boob-out ensemble was likely for nobody but Nicki herself, because she doesn’t live her life to please anyone— and that’s why we all love her, really.

She looks amazing out and about in Paris, bearing it all (or 1/2) in the name of *fashion.*

Like, OMG. We are dying in the best way.

Credit: Peter White/Getty Images

Even though the Pinkprint rapper was likely not even thinking about her beef with Lil’ Kim while hitting the City of Lights, we can’t help but wonder if she was paying homage to the iconic purple-mermaid getup Kim wore to the 1999 VMAs.

Nicki Minaj quickly took to Instagram to suggest that her style-inspo came from a more “classic” source, namely: Pablo Picasso.

Whether or not the outfit was a throwback to Lil’ Kim (Minaj did wear purple glasses) or simply a fashionable thing to wear to a fashion show, we’ll likely never know. Nicki looks SO GOOD that it almost doesn’t matter, and clearly fans were supportive of her risqué choice.

One fan recorded herself telling Minaj,

The truth is, we all would, but there’s only one Nicki Minaj, and nobody does Nicki Minaj better than Nicki Minaj.