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Updated Jul 23, 2017 @ 11:32 am
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Even for someone as smart, successful, and social media savvy as Nicki Minaj, Snapchat can be confusing. The superstar rapper has blessed us with her struggle to understand Snapchat, posting a call for help on Instagram and Twitter on figuring out the app.

Minaj simply wants to show us her first snap, but has been making some hilarious mistakes along the way. First of all, celebs typically keep their social media as private as possible, meaning they do not allow everyone to contact them. But in a comment on her own IG post, Minaj let us know that she did the opposite.


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Of course, we don’t blame fans for trying to call Minaj. Who wouldn’t? (But no, we did not try to call her via Snapchat, we’re trying to play it cool.)

Minaj posted another hilarious video proving how many calls she was getting via the app.

Poor Nicki! We would most likely throw our phones out and start fresh if we were in her position.

So far, it looks like Minaj has not successfully posted any snaps to her story. We’re sure that once she gets the hang of it, though, she’ll be the Queen of Snap as well.