Angelica Florio
December 31, 2016 12:44 pm
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Comedic genius Billy Eichner created a show that completely embraces his over-the-top obsession with pop-culture and tabloid minutiae. Musical genius Nicki Minaj created a persona that completely embraces her over-the-top obsession with female sexual empowerment and Barbie-level prestige. Different as they may be, the two are similar at their cores, and was only a matter of time that the two would find each other.

Over the weekend, Nicki Minaj posted a clip from Eichner’s Billy on the Street in which he does what he does best: annoy the heck out of unsuspecting New Yorkers by screaming in their faces about inconsequential tabloid news as if it’s a hot-button issue. Today’s topic: La La Land, as Eichner shoved his microphone in a passerby’s face with the hard-hitting question,

Minaj recognized the hilarity of Eichner’s frenzied-journalist persona and reviewed the performance in her ‘gram caption:

Minaj’s reaction is totally relatable as we feel the same way:

OK, violence is never cool. But that whole screaming thing? It’s almost like he’s asking for it.

Minaj was clearly cringing-while-laughing like all of us when he tried to reproach the unenthusiastic interviewee for calling him ‘babe’ by then condescending her right back by calling her ‘sweetie.’

Minaj wrote. Clearly, the comical hypocrisy was not lost on her. She also included a Public Service Announcement about Eichner’s entire show, warning, “PSA: this is a dangerous game to play in the streets of NY. New Yorkers ain’t rlly wired right, we throwed off.”

While the disgruntled participant was not entertained by Eichner’s antics, Minaj clearly was, and she made the comedian’s day— make that year:

We’re so happy that this odd-couple has found love in a hopeless place, and we definitely hope to see Minaj appear on Billy on the Street in the near future.

Here’s to a Minaj/Eichner collaboration in 2017, and hopefully better days for that poor interviewee.