Olivia Harvey
Updated October 18, 2017

Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars is packed with some of our favorite faces. And two said faces are those of Nick and Vanessa Lachey. Although the Lacheys are having a blast competing this year, Nick Lachey says that their son doesn’t want him competing anymore.

Aww. But why?

Nick sat down on Tuesday with Access Hollywood Live and explained that being involved in the show has pushed him both physically and emotionally.

Nick and Vanessa’s five-year-old son Camden has been blunt about his feelings regarding his parents’ involvement in the show.

Although filming has temporarily changed the family dynamic, Nick is glad he and Vanessa are competing at the same time.

The 98 Degrees member told Access Hollywood Live that Camden is still supporting his mom and dad when they get home from rehearsal. Nick jokes that he’s convinced Camden to “give daddy a foot massage while daddy gives mommy a foot massage.”

We’re sure that Camden will eventually be proud of his parents’ accomplishments, even if he’s less-than-enthused right now.We’re also wishing Nick and Vanessa the best of luck going forward in the competition!