Nick Kroll and Stephen Colbert
Credit: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

Remember the #PuberMe campaign that started in the last week or so? Stephen Colbert and Nick Kroll began the movement to aid Puerto Rico, and it’s already raised a ton of money. Plenty of celebs joined in, including A-listers, like Reese Witherspoon and Blake Lively, who proved they even had an awkward phase back in the day. (Although, okay, we all know they were more adorable than they ever were awkward.)

All the participating celebrities brought tons of attention to the cause. And for each star that participated, both Colbert and Kroll pledged to donate money. So much so that the campaign ended up making quite the pretty penny with all their awkward flashbacks.

On Instagram, Nick Kroll announced that the #PuberMe campaign has already raised $1 million.

Yep — he said a MILLION dollars. $1,000,000.

We loved seeing our favorite celebs share their awkward #PuberMe moments. It helped us remember that they’re human like us. And it also helped remind us that there are people out there who still need our help.

So why not laugh about a hilariously awkward photo of Chelsea Peretti and donate to help those without power in Puerto Rico? Overall, the campaign was just a fun mix of fans and celebrities alike sharing their pictures, as well as people pushing for donations to help out Puerto Rico in whatever way we could.

Honestly, it was just nice to see Hollywood band together in this way. Everything has been so tense and political; to see people coming together to try and help out in whatever ways they could was inspirational. And it’s nice that this campaign panned out and gave a lot of money to the cause.

If you want to join their efforts, there are many ways to help Puerto Rico. Or you can post a #PuberMe pic of your own.