Karen Belz
September 21, 2016 1:21 pm
Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

Nick Jonas has been all over the place recently. He has a movie coming out called Goat, and he’s still singing up a storm — in fact, he released a song earlier this year called “Bacon”. He’s big into single words, it seems.

Goat is a movie about college fraternities, and how lines are often crossed in the name of brotherhood. While the film deals with some scary topics — like, the violence often included in hazing — it also includes something else that frats are well known for… alcohol.

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Now, Nick Jonas has likely imbibed before, so his memory (or, lack thereof) of going overboard must have come in pretty handy when trying to act drunk on film. During the Los Angeles premiere of the film, he got to talk to Entertainment Tonight‘s Denny Directo about how to act drunk while sober.

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Jonas also said that filming the movie helped him understand the college life a bit more. After all, Jonas never got a chance to attend, based on being a huge star and everything.

(Nick, just to make it clear, college really isn’t all about booze, dangerous pranks, and initiation rituals. Studying does happen, and true friendships don’t cause you pain. But still, the movie looks amazing.)

We’re hoping that Goat really helps shed some light on what often happens behind closed doors at fraternities. While many of them can run amazingly well, there’s always the group that happens to take it all one step too far. This heavy-hitting drama will be in theaters on September 23rd.