Karen Belz
December 14, 2016 5:57 am

It must be pretty scary for a member of a boy band to hit the stage solo. It’s a good thing that when Niall Horan went on The Tonight Show to sing his new song, “This Town,” he was nothing short of professional. Not only is the song his debut single, but it was quick to rocket to #1 in a bunch of countries. That must be a good feeling, right?

The former One Direction member scored his own record deal this summer, and went right to work. While “This Town” was officially released on September 29th, Horan went on record during one interview to say that the song was “the first taste of a larger album to come.”

Judging by his dreamy performance last night, Horan is definitely going to achieve big, incredible things.

The song sounds like it’d fit perfectly on the soundtrack to a Zach Braff movie. And yes, that’s a high compliment.

At the American Music Awards last month, Horan gave E! News an update on when the album would be completed.

We’re hoping that with a performance¬†like last night, he’s really gearing up to give us an official date. It’s safe to say that it’ll likely be a huge hit for Horan in 2017.

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