Ashley Rey
October 22, 2017 5:17 pm

The 5th Annual We Can Survive concert presented a ton of awesome Hollywood moments last night. But Flicker singer Niall Horan calling Harry Styles his “brother” was one of the best surprises of them all. After performing at the charity event, the People’s Choice Award-winning artist turned to Twitter to share his gratitude for being included in the experience. And in his closing, also made sure to make mention of his former band mate’s attendance.

Does this mean that we’re all one step closer to getting that One Direction reunion we’ve been praying for? Either way, just knowing that One Direction stays in touch gives us all the feels.

Not only did Niall Horan refer to Harry as his “brother,” he also called him “Harold!”

“Harold,” as in Harry’s actual first name, and possibly the moniker that’s only used by close friends and family. Whoever doubted that the band members were friends is eating crow right about now.

And when fans learned that Niall and Harry were embracing the brotherly love, they just couldn’t handle it.

The former One Direction band mates giving each other social media shout outs isn’t anything new. But seeing Niall call Harry his “brother” proved once and for all that the members are still thick as thieves. Oh, and when Twitter caught a whiff, they couldn’t help but express their joy.

We’re just as happy to see the words “my brother Harold” in Niall’s Twitter feed, too. But seriously… Where is the freaking selfie? It totally would’ve been the icing on top of an already magnificent cake.