Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Jan 04, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
Credit: Instagram Stories / @sleepinthegardn

Immediately after the awesome Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams’ honeymoon trip to Sydney, they decided to grab their passports, hop on another plan, and hit up a tropical getaway. Newlywed Troian Bellisario is sharing some seriously gorgeous photos and videos to her Instagram story, and we’re seriously grateful for all the travel inspo. Do we need to take a major vacation? Heck yes! And now we’re thinking a nice, quiet island could be just the right place. See you soon, Troian!

JK, JK, obv. While we’d kill to vacation alongside the PLL fave, we’re sure she’s living it up with her new husband at her side. We have so much love for this couple, and we’re so happy it seems like they’re having so many grand adventures already!

Newlywed Troian Bellisario and her hubby kicked things off by posting a couple shots of their travel, which features a passport in an oh-so-glam bag and a leather backpack, aka the perfect travel essential. Too, she shared a shot of the super blue, and super beautiful, ocean below them.

Credit: Instagram Stories / @sleepinthegardn

The flight seemed pretty decent, though Patrick J. Adams was hilariously shy in front of the camera. Awww!

Credit: Instagram Stories / @sleepinthegardn

With a selfie and a gorgeous shot of the beach, it was time for their next adventure to begin! We’re so pumped about Troian’s new pink hair, and we’re obviously loving those aviators. Here’s to protecting that sensitive skin from the sun!

Credit: Instagram Stories / @sleepinthegardn

She captioned the second shot with, “Paradise,” and we’re definitely getting paradise vibes. We hope these cuties have the best trip, and continue to document it on social so we can live through them!