The actor that plays Harry Potter’s Neville Longbottom, Matthew Lewis, revealed on Sunday the inspiration behind his Roman numeral tattoo, XI. Eleven! And no — sadly it’s not for the character Eleven as portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown. Though we wouldn’t be surprised, given that Stranger Things captured the world’s imagination, and has inspired art, fashion, music, literature, and no doubt countless in-the-works Halloween costumes. Oh, and tattoos.

In an Instagram post, Lewis showed off his tat while posing Brown.

“A lot of people ask what my tattoo means. Now you know,” Lewis captioned the photo, letting us all in on the fact that his love of Stranger Things led him to the ink shop.

But alas, he jests.

The Brit (also known for his turn on Happy Valley, another brilliant Netflix original) has had the tattoo for several years already. He told everyone at Dragon Con in 2008 that eleven was his soccer squad number.

Ah, we lament what could have been. But, hey, as we’ve learned from Stranger Things, multiple realities exist at once. A little stroll through the upside down, or even a touch of wizardy by Professor Longbottom could just fix this whole story right up for us, and let what we all want to be the truth, actually be the truth. Longbottom and Eleven are besties for life, as proven by his forever stamp, bearing a symbol for her name.