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A lot of us might still be shaking off a St. Patrick’s Day Guinness and green milkshake hangover this morning. But there are two tiny people nursing a more emotional hangover somewhere in the world today: Neil Patrick Harris’ kids, whose St. Patrick’s Day wish for a leprechaun visitor didn’t go *quite* as they’d hoped.

If you follow NPH on Instagram, you may have gotten a preview of his and husband David Burtka’s incredible St. Patrick’s Day tradition for their kids. Much like Santa Claus does around Christmas time, in the Harris-Burtka household, leprechauns make a surprise visit on the night of March 17th — and this year, the kids wanted to catch one. But with treats, not traps.

NPH’s twins, Harper and Gideon, used potatoes, gold-wrapped coins, and whiskey to lure their new friend. The duo also made a convincing video series (taking advantage of Instagram’s new feature) trying to talk a leprechaun — or two, if Gideon could have his way — into staying at their house and hanging out with them.

It’s so earnest, the kids either have inherited their dad’s acting chops or *reallyreallyreally* think a leprechaun is coming their way.

Either way, it’s heartbreakingly adorable.

Gideon, as you can see, is really concerned that the leprechauns might not know how to work an iPad or where to press play to watch the video. Harris assures him that leprechauns understand technology.

We dare you to watch these videos and not get behind these two in their quest for a leprechaun friend.

Almost better than their offer of lots of potatoes and whiskey (that sounds like a decent brunch to us) and fair treatment at their abode is how perfectly the twins play off of each other. Gideon is ready to make a deal, but Harper remains reasonable throughout.

While her bro begs for two leprechauns, a boy and a girl, Harper understands that her brother might be asking for too much, and risking their chances of a leprechaun party. She’s OK with just one leprechaun coming to hang out.

Her brother nudges her away when she starts to Good Cop his demands. In an attempt to sweeten the deal, she says, “My brother just wants gold…if you just have ONE gold coin…”

Gideon is not impressed with her bartering on his behalf. “I said one coin every day,” he repeats.

As you can see, the children’s pleas were not successful. While a leprechaun did show up at the house, he trashed the place! And he definitely didn’t hang around. He taped their iPad to the ceiling fan (so much for technology), toilet-papered the house, turned all the chairs in the house upside down, drank all the whiskey (we see you, NPH), and wrote, “NEVER” in potatoes next to their precious videos. Them’s the breaks, kids.

We feel for Harper and Gideon but have to give a big shoutout to Harris and Burtka, who are obviously the most hilarious parents ever. They have this holiday thing down.