Gabriela Herstik
March 14, 2017 2:17 pm

First tattoos are always a big deal, marking a significant passage for those who partake in this art form. This could be said for Neil Patrick Harris, whose tattoo was inspired by Count Olaf — and of course, we’re emotional about it.

The actor showed off his new, and first, tattoo on Instagram as a way of celebrating Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events being renewed for a second season. Neil plays Count Olaf on the show, the evil guardian of the Baudelaire orphans whose after their fortune. The best part? Neil’s tattoo is the same tattoo Count Olaf has in the show.

The tattoo is an eye with the symbol for the Volunteer Fire Department (VDF), a secret organization that’s referenced throughout the series, in it. In the program, Count Olaf plays an actor, constantly in disguise. But one of the things that makes him recognizable is his ankle tattoo, something that will be immortalized on Neil Patrick Harris.

The show is chock full of symbolism and hidden messages, so we’re excited to see what the second season holds for both Neil and Count Olaf. A Series of Unfortunate Events will return to Netflix for Season 2, and we wait patiently for the release date and more information.