Credit: Matthew Eisman / WireImage / Getty Images

When celebrities use Instagram to share photos of their cute kids, their fans respond appropriately — with a lot of “awws” and hearts. This time, Neil Patrick Harris shared a photo of his twins enjoying a football game on a beautiful fall day. As expected, many “awws” were had.

Harris and his husband, David Burtka, traveled to New Jersey this weekend with their two incredible kids, Harper and Gideon. While Burtka and Harris have caught New York Giants games before, it was all new for Harper and Gideon. Something tells us that this definitely won’t be the last game they attend.

Judging by the huge smiles on their faces, it’s apparent they had a good time (and will probably morph into true blue fans — no pun intended — as they get older!)

Since time is crazy, it’s hard to believe that the twins — who were born through a surrogate — are already five years old. Harper even lost her first tooth last week, which means that she’s well on her way to sassy adulthood.

(Seriously, how cute is this kid?)

It seems like it’s been a stellar past few weeks for Harris. Not only did his (incredible) first trailer for the new Netflix series A Series Of Unfortunate Events drop…

…but, Halloween happened, and once again, his family of four totally nailed it. These four have never had an off-year, as far as Halloween is concerned.

We kind of wish we were in the Harris/Burtka family. Not only do they seem to have a ton of fun together, but they always look so camera-ready!