Nathan Fillion Visits The Cast Of Broadway's "Waitress"
Credit: Walter McBride / Getty Images

Nathan Fillion is a man of many talents. He can make any and all of us laugh, perform Shakespeare, and he looks damn good in a brown coat. Well, now we can add “dog hypnotist” to his list of mad skills, thanks to Fillion’s latest Instagram:

Does he do parties?

Some people would just call that “training” your adorable little Yorkie. But the fact that Fillion considers it “hypnosis” is just one of the many reasons we love him. Of course, this isn’t the first of Fillion’s many funny Instagrams. His account is basically full of such comedic gems.


We bet Captain Reynolds would fight the hell out of some Pokemon.

Fillion has definite opinions on tech.

Opinions we agree with. The more lasers the better.

Apple aficionado

We prefer Pink Ladies ourselves.

Future location scout

Even his disses are hilarious.

Understatement of the year

And now we’ve got a sugar rush.

Long hair don’t care

The man can pull it off.

This pleases us too.

Who doesn’t love some good Star Wars humor? Certainly not Nathan Fillion.

Word play! It’s fun for all of us!

We’ll definitely look at contracts differently.

Now that Castle is cancelled, we’ll have to rely on Fillion’s fantastic Instagram account to keep us entertained.