Karen Belz
February 06, 2017 8:27 am
Vanity Fair / www.youtube.com

If you’ve been following Vanity Fair, you’re probably familiar with their “Secret Talent Theatre” videos. To welcome us into Monday, the magazine decided to release their video of Natalie Portman’s hidden talent of Hebrew slang, which we’re incredibly grateful for.

Portman holds both American and Israeli citizenship, so obviously, her Hebrew is top notch. The actress was born in Jerusalem, but grew up in the United States since toddlerhood. Her background and ancestry are incredibly interesting and intriguing, and by letting us in to hear her “secret talent,” we feel even more connected to her.

Thanks to Portman, now we have a few more incredible phrases to throw around.

Hebrew is a beautiful language, isn’t it?

While Portman is definitely educating us through the video, she also made us laugh a little bit.


Oh, and there’s one more.

Of course, not all of the slang she demonstrated was negative. We’re loving “lizrom,” which means to “go with the flow,” and according to Portman herself, “balagan” is a big one for Hebrew beginners. Even more impressive, she happened to know exactly where the word stemmed from.

We pretty much expected Portman to have that trivia down — as we all know, she’s incredibly smart. Out of all of the “Secret Talent Theatre” videos so far, this one is definitely one of our favorites!