Picture of Natalie Morales
Credit: Jason LaVeris / Getty

Yesterday was the last day of Pride Month. Pride Month is a glorious month of rainbow-themed everything that celebrates the lives of LGBTQ people around the world. For actress Natalie Morales, yesterday was also an important day.

The Parks and Recreation actress came out publicly as queer though an essay on Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls blog.

In the piece, Morales writes that she has shied away from fame and the difficulties of being recognizable, but she’s putting those fears aside in order to speak up for the LGBTQ community. Despite all of the progress in the U.S. with LGBTQ freedoms, violence is still a common threat for LGBTQ people, especially transgender people of color.

Morales was raised Catholic, and she didn’t realize her attraction to women until she was in high school. She recounted her first relationship with a woman as a teen — and the devastating breakup after Morales wanted to keep the situation a secret.

Morales grew up hearing the harmful rhetoric that many LGBTQ people hear as children.

But now, she is comfortable with who she is.

People on Twitter (including some fellow celebs) are showing Morales an outpouring of support.

Morales ended her essay with some super positive advice.

Congratulations, Natalie! You’re helping to make Pride happen all year long.