Olivia Harvey
February 03, 2017 11:41 am
Instagram / Beyoncé Knowles

Ah, the world of celebrity baby names. Apple, Bear, Bronx, Egypt — the list truly goes on. Of course, one of our favorite celebrity couples came up with the extra-creative name, Blue Ivy, for their first-born daughter. And now that American royals, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, are expecting twins, they’re going to need some help devising unique names for their babies — ones that live up to the celebrity baby name standards.

Luckily, they have us to do all the thinking for them! Because we’ve compiled a list of names Beyoncé and Jay should definitely consider for their twins.

Fans believe that “Blue” came from Jay’s love of the color. He has three Blueprint albums and rapped “My favorite hue is Jay-Z blue” in his song “Go Crazy.” It is also believed that “Ivy” was derived from the Roman numeral 4 (IV). Any avid Bey and Jay fans will tell you that both artists were born on the 4th, they married on the 4th, and Beyoncé has an album entitled “4.”

Note: Remember we’re talking celebrity baby names. If you find yourself rolling your eyes and whispering, “Hmm… I’m not buying it,” remember that Beyoncé and Jay-Z already have a daughter named Blue.

Now onto the list —


Self explanatory.

2Agnéz Deréon and/or Lumis Albert

Bey’s maternal grandmother was named Agnéz, and her maternal grandfather was Lumis. Beyoncé’s name actually comes from Lumis’ surname, Beyincé. We think it might be a nice idea to keep the tradition of naming babies after family members going.


Similar to how the name Blue came about, Throne would be based on Jay’s 2011 album, “Watch The Throne,” and also on how Beyoncé oftentimes is referred to as ‘Queen B.’ It makes sense to us!

4Michelle and Kelly

If Bey ends up giving birth to two girls, it only seems right that Destiny’s Children be named Michelle and Kelly. Right?

5Red and Yellow

We would apologize but you knew this joke was coming.

6Gloria and/or Tina

Perhaps if the twins both end up being girls, Bey and Jay might want to pay homage to the two important women in their lives (their mothers)!

7Audre Lorde and/or bell hooks

Being one of the most powerful black women of this generation, Beyoncé might want to take inspiration from the powerful black women that came before her. Audre Lorde and bell hooks are both feminists who inspired activism to rise against the white patriarchy and aimed to address racism, sexism, and homophobia. These names could easily be considered gender-neutral, so Bey, feel free to name your sons after women because that is the kind of world we want to live in!


Naming one of the babies after Beyoncé’s alter ego would be pretty badass.

9Hive and/or Soul

Not gonna lie, we stole this from Perez Hilton. Hilton says that Bey and Jay should stick to names with four letters because four is their lucky number, after all! Hive and Soul do seem too perfect.

10John and Sarah

Great for if the world famous couple wish to assimilate their family into mainstream America after the twins arrive.

11Michelle and/or Barack and/or Obama

Please Beyoncé. We need more Obamas in this world. Please.

Ok, Carters. There’s our two cents. Now, please don’t feel pressured into going with one of the names that we’ve provided. But, if you do happen to pick one (0r two) of the above, we do ask that you make us godparents to both babies. Choose wisely!