Alyssa Thorne
December 27, 2017 10:20 am
IFC Films

Here’s a sentence we never really expected to write: the mom from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, aka Lainie Kazan, was allegedly arrested for shoplifting. The actress apparently went grocery shopping at Gelson’s in the San Fernando Valley on Christmas Eve, and instead of walking up to a register to pay for her goods, she packed her groceries into her reusable bags, and left the store without paying for anything. If you’ve ever been to a Gelson’s, you’ve probably been temped to do the same (and if you haven’t been to one, just know that everything there is pretty pricey) — not that we’re saying what Kazan did was okay. But like, let’s admit that prices COULD be cheaper at Gelson’s.

Somebody spotted Kazan leaving the store with her ill-begotten goods ($180 worth, according to TMZ), and the police were called. Sources from TMZ say that Lainie Kazan had a pretty relatable reason for walking out without paying her bill.. (Again, not that we’re condoning anything, we’re just sayin’!)

She allegedly tried to steal her groceries because she didn’t have any money on her at the time.

Lainie was arrested for petty theft, handcuffed, and taken to the police station. She was cited and released without bail.

Now, listen — there are lots of aspects to this story that we get. Having the urge to just walk out once your groceries are in your reusable bags just ’cause you’re human and it’d be nice to save a few extra bucks? Totally get it. Going grocery shopping and forgetting your wallet because there’s SO MUCH going on in the world? We’ve been there.

Much as we love Lainie Kazan and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, though, we can’t necessarily get behind the whole “petty theft” aspect of this story. TMZ reached out to Lainie Kazan’s representation to get some first hand intel on what actually went down, but so far this is all the info we know!