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When you think about notorious supermodels of the past, a few names likely cross your mind. There's Tyra Banks, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, and of course, Molly Sims. Molly Sims is both a model and a mom, who still cares a bunch about healthy living and natural beauty. Of course, Sims likes to be her own boss — her YouTube channel, which has over 13k subscribers, is updated at least once a week with recipes, life tips, and pregnancy updates. (Oh — did we mention that she's doing all this work while currently pregnant with child #3?)

But, that's not it. Sims recently partnered up with Nature's Bounty, and credits them for helping her stay healthy and fresh. We got to chat exclusively with Sims about her beauty routine, and also asked her a bunch of questions about looking our best throughout pregnancy and motherhood.

First thing's first: Since she's a pro at this, what are some tips that Molly Sims has for brand new Moms?

Credit: Molly Sims / www.youtube.com

Luckily, she has incredible advice on how to deal.

While Sims did mention that it's good to have a group of girl friends who are in the same boat as you (and hey, going to baby-related classes together is probably a lot of fun for everyone) she reiterated that pregnant women and new mothers definitely don't need to take everyone's advice.

But what they do need to take? A prenatal.

And, yikes. Luckily, Sims has mastered the art of having gorgeous hair both on and off camera.

Credit: Molly Sims / www.youtube.com

Of course, hair isn't the only thing that often takes a nosedive during pregnancy. Sims believes in a few other basics in order to look and feel great during the whole process. If you're thinking about having kids, definitely listen up.

Of course, Sims faces new motherhood challenges every day — and being in the public eye often makes it a bit harder. But thankfully, she seems to laugh off the inconveniences, and do what she has to do to get the job done.

Credit: Molly Sims / www.youtube.com

While you figure that perhaps her YouTube channel is just a place where she can relax and discuss her day, think again — topics that she covers are thoroughly thought over, and truthfully, she sees her account  much like a business. Also, it definitely helps cure her acting bug. While she still appears on television every once in awhile (you might have seen her in a few episodes of The Carrie Diaries, for example) the channel is definitely more stable.

Luckily, her channel helps scratch that itch.

While many of her videos focus on her new pregnancy, she's got a little bit of something for everyone — she's all about sharing fashion tips, beauty secrets, and recipes that look incredible.

I mean, watermelon feta bites. Who would have thought?

Since Molly Sims definitely multitasks (and looks great doing it) her product recommendations are definitely helpful for everyday women who want to look their best. We want to thank her so much for her time! If you'd like more Molly in your life (and who wouldn't?) make sure to check out her YouTube channel for updates.