Bethany Biron
Updated Jul 16, 2016 @ 9:53 am
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Credit: Instagram

Mindy Kaling proves that even as an adult you can still be full of childlike wonder, especially when you’re visiting Disneyland!

Kaling and the staff of The Mindy Project dressed up as their favorite Disney characters and hit the theme park yesterday, documenting the trip in a series of Instagram posts. It makes us wish we had played hooky to go hang out with her and Minnie Mouse on what looks like the best work retreat of all time.

Dressed as Ursula in a long-sleeved black dress, Kaling kicks off the day with a stop at the Pinocchio ride with members of The Mindy Project writing team before hitting the famous “It’s A Small World” ride, taking a moment afterward to acknowledge the hard work of her fellow show runner, Matt Warburton (dressed as Donald Duck.)

She next takes a few photos with her “best friend,” Minnie Mouse, continuing the day through the park with the rest of her staff, including her assistant Sonia Kharkar, dressed as Alice In Wonderland. In one post, Kaling and Kharkar express their mutual fear of Big Thunder Mountain.

No shame in that! If you want to continue to live vicariously, check out more photos from their trip, below.