Christina Pellegrini
Updated Dec 11, 2016 @ 9:40 am
Pennsylvania Conference For Women 2016
Credit: Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for Pennsylvania Conference for Women

It’s no secret that we’re basically on board with anything Mindy Kaling endorses. For instance, we’re still not over the fact that she’s going to have a major role in the upcoming movie remake of Madeleine L’Engle novel A Wrinkle in Time. So when we saw Mindy hanging out with the cast of a cool off-Broadway play coming back for its second run, we were instantly intrigued.

Written by Sarah DeLappe, it’s called The Wolves, and it’s about an all-girls soccer team.

The play has already won the “Relentless Award,” one of the most prestigious American theater accolades out there. Last night, Mindy posted a photo of herself smiling beside the 10-person, all-female cast:

As high school-age girls discussing every topic from menstruation and sex to politics and their parents, the play sounds instantly relatable.

A review by Variety calls the ensemble work “astonishing,” describing the characters as nuanced and compelling. Instead of filling archetypes, each has their own multifaceted persona. Apparently, even the actors’ soccer skills are pretty good, too, with a special shoutout going out to the goalie, Lizzy Jutila, for her physical performance. Sounds like these girls have talent in spades.

According to Playbill, the playwright, Sarah DeLappe, said in a press statement, “These women are warriors. Each scene is a warm-up for a soccer game: they’re a troop preparing for battle.”

Tickets go on sale August 2. The show runs August 29–September 24. Since it has the Mindy Kaling stamp of approval, we’ll definitely be snagging some seats for ourselves!